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A new up and coming 19 Year old white rapper from Morgantown, WV.

"Huey Mack is a 18 year old hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia. His lyrics are an example of when keeping it real goes right, eschewing any tough talk or generic gangster-isms. Young Mack prefers to focus on weed, wine, women, and his quest for fame and fortune. The mixtape features stellar production, but the highlights are the songs produced by Big Jerm. I guarantee a lot of people are going to hate on Huey, a lot of people are going to love him, but most importantly, a lot of people are going to hear him."

He will be appearing on Feb. 25 at the WVU Coliseum with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg

Is currently unsigned and labels don't know what the fuck they're missing.

"Be on the cover of Time and be called the man of the year, now everybody raise your glass. That time is finally here. Cheers" - Huey Mack
"Huey Mack is a sick white boy. He gon' be big. Trust me."
by PrinceKoopa December 28, 2010
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