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No, seriously. As Ghetto-Fab as the real ones are, I saw some of these hubcaps that were spinners that a mexican had on his pile of shit! I laughed for days. What makes it funnier is that the dumb fuck was not even kidding.
I'm so glad that our nations role models are retarded, ignorant rappers. We can thank people like Ludacris for introducing spinners. But they're soooo expensive. If only they came as Hubcap Spinners, then any broke-ass retarded, ignorant fuck on the planet can have them.
by G. DeMeritt December 29, 2004
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Also known as Hoopcap Speeners. They are the poor man's way of feeling like a baller and they can make any car look like a peice of chit. Mexicans are the only people that find these attractive. Im not being racist, just telling the truth mang.
example: "OHH MANG! He has hoopcap speeners! Thass Lie, 100 horsepowerss mang!"
translation: "Oh man! He has Hubcap Spinners! That adds 100 horsepower to his car by making it seem like it looks cool!"

example 2: "Ay mang, I poot sung hupcap speeners y un esspoiler on mi 1987 Astronvang. Now Iss Lie, 600 horsepowerrss!"
translation 2: "Hey man, I put some hubcap spinners and a 6 foot spoiler on my 1987 Astrovan and it looks like its really fast to me and my mexican friends."
by anal1548 September 09, 2007
A hard plastic look-alike rim that spins when you stop
That van has hubcap spinners????????
by White cracka November 18, 2004
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