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To be a Hrvatin
1)to be a complete underachiever in school and then when the teacher gives you a C in the class bitch and moan about how the whole world is out to get you

2) To be completely over obsessed with your car to the point where you are willing to stick a flesh light in the exhaust of the car and fuck it screaming OH GOD HEDI YES! FUCK YES!!! and then driving off way too fast in a public parking lot, causing your oil pan to crack

3) A kid who looks like a total Mexican, who loves Tacos and Burritos, smells like he was working in a garden for 3 hours without showering before you see him, and then claims to be Croatian and not a total spic, but who is he kidding?
1) Bobby pulled a hrvatin when his fat ass never came to class causing him to fail and then argue about his grade

2) Moving your parking spot to a lot that doesn't have speed bumbs is a hrvatin thing to do

3) James says hes Croatian, but hes actually pulling a hrvatin
by Chris Thelin December 07, 2006
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