a figment of your imagination
(anything you want it to be)
Hoyt, i cant believe we lost that game!
by Becca#4 September 20, 2008
Top Definition
A socialite of epic proportions. Someone who holds their own in any and all social situations. A savant of the social scene.
He didn't even have to wait in line like everyone else! He is such a Hoyt!
by funwit23 February 01, 2010
A really hot person, loves to love people; People with this name commonly act like there things not. Others with this name can also do most things others can't; Most of these people are very intelligent and sometimes really funny. These type of people are actually very good at rhyming. People with this have a thing called 2 sides where they have 2 different sides where one is very odd and twisted and makes the person way under think before they say anything making them really weird and the other side is normal and nice. These are also very hot.
Man he is so Hoyt, do you see what he drew.
by Buttt May 22, 2014
The noise you make to fake a gag when you see or hear something really disgusting
Guy 1: did you see mr. Whites big ass wart?

Guy 2: dude... HOYT
by Tyrone thugnasty dale June 03, 2014
an e1337e in counter-strike that buys an mp5 9th round on T side and almosts aces.
OMG, i just hoyted that guy
by BiLz May 01, 2005
Someone who is much cooler than "Jim".

See: lazy
Damn it, Hoyt, you lazy jackass.
by Hoyt September 18, 2004
An overweight pompous asshole who doesn't know how to tell the truth. Synonym: Loser
Don't be such a Hoyt. Tell it like it is!
by heilhoyt July 21, 2010
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