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a figment of your imagination
(anything you want it to be)
Hoyt, i cant believe we lost that game!
by Becca#4 September 20, 2008
32 20
A socialite of epic proportions. Someone who holds their own in any and all social situations. A savant of the social scene.
He didn't even have to wait in line like everyone else! He is such a Hoyt!
by funwit23 February 01, 2010
63 19
an e1337e in counter-strike that buys an mp5 9th round on T side and almosts aces.
OMG, i just hoyted that guy
by BiLz May 01, 2005
31 41
An overweight pompous asshole who doesn't know how to tell the truth. Synonym: Loser
Don't be such a Hoyt. Tell it like it is!
by heilhoyt July 21, 2010
28 40
Someone who is much cooler than "Jim".

See: lazy
Damn it, Hoyt, you lazy jackass.
by Hoyt September 18, 2004
28 41