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When your high af and you feel like your floating
I drank this sizzurpp and I'm in hover mode
by Tripking53 April 22, 2015
Usually done by females, the hover mode is the position assumed when not wanting to place your pristine ass cheeks on a nasty, germy, disgusting toilet seat (i.e. any porta-potty, or the toilets in Grand Central Station)

This position is maintained the entire time business is being taken care of and often results in making a further mess of said toilet seat, causing future users of said toilet to also utilize Hover Mode, compounding the problem.
Jill would nearly throw up at the idea of using a porta-potty, but, last week, at the County Fair, she absolutely could not hold it, and so had to go into Hover Mode and use the porta-potty
by Kalisiin April 12, 2014
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