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A female (between 16-24) that lives in public housing/housing commision that is some what attractive.

Houso Hunnies are most commonly seen in the spring/summer seasons of the year. This stereo-type of female can be spotted along Queen St hanging around the job employment agencies or even inside Centrelink or the Campbelltown mall. The figure of one of these females is generally short and slim, dyed blonde hair (usually with re-growth) with a dark complexion (due to a fake tan or a real sun tan from waiting on Queen St for their lad boyfriends).

Houso Hunnies are dressed in generally skimpy attire (to show of their perky breasts and buttocks).This attire includes : Girls boardshorts ( Billabong, Rusty etc), Short denim shorts (exposing alot of thigh, and in extreme cases exposing the bottom of the females buttocks), Tank tops (again Billabong, Rusty) exposing alot of cleavage, Footwear includes Thongs, Rabens (slip ons), Nike (Airmax,Tn's etc).
Boy #1 : " Damnnn bro, Check out that Houso Hunnie on the blue centrelink phone!".

Boy #2 : " The one with the pram? "

Boy #1 : " Nahh bro, the one with the Rusty tank top with those Denim shorts!, She's the fittest Houso Hunnie I've seen all week!".
by enuks September 06, 2012
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