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A being, either male or female, that is at the beck and call of all other members of a flat/house/squalid abode. A House Wench cannot answer back, refuse requests for high quality food or drink and must be willing to clean the aforementioned flat/house/squalid abode at a moment's notice.

A House Wench has usually been awarded this position for previous wenchiness behaviour; examples may include multiple refusals to attend social gatherings, persistent lateness and showing suspect Youtube videos to a mass audience. Once given the position of House Wench, the being must accept his role graciously.

There is only one way to be granted leave from the position of House Wench - the being must find another being that he/she feels demonstrates wench-like behaviour of such a high degree that the original House Wench is no longer required.
"Fabio, fetch me a Italian Sausage, Spinach, and Ricotta Cannelloni. No complaints about cleaning the house - you are the House Wench after all"
by Housewench123 May 18, 2014
A woman living in a house, apartment, etc. with several other men, who is frequently tasked with cleaning activities and other maid-esque chores.
Where the fuck is Lindsey? That house wench forgot to do the dishes.
by Master of the Estate October 04, 2011
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