The weekend every April at Bucknell University where students come together and celebrate their alcoholism!
I was drunk for 3 days straight House Party Weekend!
by haley Kerr April 01, 2006
Top Definition
An annual celebration at Bucknell University, PA. This does not even try to be anything else but a weekend of bands, booze, sex, and drugs. Almost everyone wakes up at the end with something stupid they did. Also, one of the most enjoyable weekends on campus. Main goal of everyone on campus is to get laid and stay away from Public Safety.
I chugged too much beer at House Party Weekend '05!
by Newtie April 03, 2005
Crazy times in Bucknell University, when every single person in Bucknell Network, on Facebook, changes his/her status to something stupid like "House Party. yay".
apart from that, people need to lock their dorm rooms at all times, to protect their properties(e.g desk, laundry basket) from a hall-mate that has no toilet education at all.
1. XYZ is HouseParty!! yaaaay.

2. that douche-bag peed in my room twice on House Party Weekend.
by empty alcohol container. March 28, 2008
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