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Like a housewife, except unmarried and totally pathetic. A house girlfriend shacks up with her boyfriend and doesn’t have a job or go to school. She’s extremely lazy, and unlike a housewife, doesn't usually have kids or anything else to ‘work’ on at home. She depends on her boyfriend or parents to pay for her ass, and is basically an unaccomplished moocher. House girlfriends can be good for shallow or stupid guys while they're unmarried, because they basically have nothing to do but work on their looks and be around for their boyfriend.

But no guy should EVER marry a house girlfriend. They're materialistic and shop all the time, so they’ll spend all the guy’s money. They also sit on their asses tons, so over the years they'll get fat and ugly and won't bother wearing makeup or showering once they have kids to take care of. They’re lazy with low standards by nature, so they’ll let their kids be dirty and gross too. Eventually, they’ll love wearing Wal-Mart sweatpants everywhere and will fart uncontrollably without shame. Steer clear of marrying a house girlfriend unless you want a life of misery that guarantees you'll have to pay for everything forever and will have a nasty, farty, stinky, fugly, embarrassing wife.
Brianne got fired, so now she's a house girlfriend.
by Spicy Meatba11 November 30, 2010

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