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Take a good look at yourself in the nearest mirror because either your hair, or makeup (or god-forbid outfit!) is out of control. Don't let the "hott" in front mess confuse you.. cus you def need some frizz spray or a hair!
by Sarah ohyeah February 27, 2008
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A hot mess is a bad thing. Imagine a mess, (stinky clothing, bad hair) and add hot to it (sweaty stinky clothing). It is someone who is a mess, but worse.
She looks a hott mess.
by Johnzie Philzzle April 16, 2006
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A pejorative word used to describe one that exudes the characteristics of "hot" "messy" garbage. This definition is often debated among girls who cuddle on guys' couches and become hot messes themselves. Girl(usually a chemist) would say it means a sexy mess. Guy(usually a broker) usually says its....well, hot garbage
Kelly: " We look like such a Hott-Mess ".

Dave: "Isn't a Hot-Mess like hot garbage though?"
by BA Broker December 06, 2011
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Someone who lives the Rock Star, Porn Star, White Guy/girl wasted LIFE! And still manages to look Super Sexy even after an All-Nighter!
Alex Mosiniak HottMess
Lindy Lee HottMess
by Big Sext June 28, 2013
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