1. To have sex with a person with complete disreguard for their physical and emotional well being.

2. To flagrantly break a well known rule and receive little or no consequences; to not learn from former mistakes.

3. A state of being arrising from consuming an inappropriate amount of a substance.
I hotched that girl without protection, totally hotching it after I was hotched on 80 cigarettes and 40 beers, Bro-sef.
by The OG123 October 15, 2006
Top Definition
A term for a woman that annoys me. Not an annoying woman, one who is annoying me currently.
Wow Kim is being a total hotch. Wow Kim = hotchface

by Quinton Canales January 07, 2008
One who likes to hotch in the botch. They are ususally annoying assholes.
Will Cardwell and his dad are hotches
by Cameron bansboontownnesstresbeans January 21, 2004
Is a term men use when discussing a significant other; Girlfriend, wife or even a fling.
1.Hey man, how's the hotch?

2.Hey man, are you still with that same hotch?
by le Guru April 27, 2009
ho + bitch = hotch
white girl:what a bitch.
asian girl:she is a whore.
back girl: dat gurl is a HOTCH!
by your mom March 07, 2004
An area used for smoking green. Usually refred to as "The Hotch".

Hotch areas are usually rural car parks.
Mate, lets go to the hotch and have a scooby doo.
by Magiver.co.uk July 20, 2004
a hot bitch
the words hot and bitch put together
hey hotch!
your such a hotch!
by karen9_c November 20, 2007
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