A store which kids think they are rebelling by shopping at yet they obviously didnt read the name ...HOT Topic
hot topic should burn down
by woopie poop April 02, 2003
A place where kids and teenagers shop to feel ohhh "so rebellious" when in fact they are feeding money to the same system that they so called "oppose". The funny thing is that mainly white suburban kids shop there who think they are any different or better than the rest of the population. Hot Topic is a gimick per say, true DIY ethics are what punk was based on. But anyways I'm not gonna say anyone shopping there is a poser or not a poser because I don't believe in labels. Labels are just retarded and stereotypical so I avoid those terms. Just to state my position, Hot Topic is a corporate store in corporate America just to make some $$$.
Overpriced clothing. Hot Topic
Owned by a corporation. Hot Topic
Kid1:"omg i am so cool mommy let me buy this cool anarchy shirt and i dun even no what anarchy is but it looks so cool i am so rebelling against the system"
Intellectual:"The simple fact that you paid money for that shirt represents your contribution to this corporation hich in term is making them a few bucks richer. So no you're not opposing the system, you are actually supporting it."
by StyleWars May 18, 2008
haha you losers lets clear something up

1. Jeans do not cost $45 here, and even if they were, it's not like everyone buys jeans

2. People don't go there to be "unique" they go there because they actually like the things there, not the shirts at American Eagle that say shit like "easily distracted", and have half naked models plastering the wall

3. They have never sold sweaters...
Prep: Lyk look at that kid going into hot topic, that place is so totally over priced

"That Kid": Uh yeah...you just bought 5 shirts that make no sense at all, when I went to Hot Topic and spent the same amount of money on a hoodie and 8 shirts as well as a belt...have you ever been in hot topic before?
by wouldn't you like to know that April 23, 2006
1)A pretty cool store, that even for the "non-gothics" is pretty fun. A place to get awesome shoelaces, pins, and funny things from Family Guy.
2) A store better than Abercrombie, and all the stores like that.
"Hey, lets go to Hot Topic in the mall, my shoelaces are too plain."
by Hannah_t August 13, 2005
A crappy store that "individuals" buy their clothes from.
Sells poor quality clothing for really high prices. People who go there either want to "rebel" or are blind. People who go to hot topic will soon realise that how "goth" or "punk" they are won't matter when people are not shocked by the huge cloud of hype "goths and punks" have created.
Shop where you want, but please don't go their and come out and say how individual you feel.
You will be laughed at for the rest of eternity.
Who gives a shit what social group you are in when your getting a job or trying to make a living.
To get real heavy clothing come to Leeds, England and go to hellraiser or route one.
by urinal_cake June 11, 2005
Poser "goths" (highschool or junior high usually) come to their precious store just to express their "individuality"...if all of the kids who shopped at Abercrombie came their...they would switch to Abercrombie... little known fact about Hot Topic, owned by Gap and Banana Rebublic...basicly the most trendy stores ever.
I hate MY life!!! Lets go to HOT topic and BE original!!!
by Alexander b August 06, 2004
A store that sells a certain type of clothing. It cannot control the type of people that shop there. It's actually a pretty reliable place to get some good stuff. (in my opinion) It's not unorigional of course because it IS a popular store afterall. But is that really Hot Topics fault? I think people shouldn't insult such a thing. It's prices may be high but hey, everythings overpriced. Those bastards.
Poser #1: Hey guys, let's all go to hot topic because all the punks shop there!
Poser #2: Hey guys, let's all hate hot topic because all the posers shop there!
Normal Person #1: Hey guys, let's go to Hot Topic because i like the stuff they sell
Normal Person #2: Hey guys, let's not go to hot topic because i hate the stuff they sell.
by Martha May 27, 2004

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