Up incoming slang for the fast food establishment "McDonald's", popularized in the south.

Much like the term "Mickey D's".
"You hungry?"
"Yea, let's go grab some Hot Ronalds"
by KrashTech December 12, 2008
Top Definition
The act of receiving your food at a fast food drive-thru; a metaphorical Hot Karl performed by the clown himself at time of transaction.

Less popular variants include "Hot Wendy" and "Hot King", which have been in steady decline. "Hot Colonel" has resurfaced on the strength of recent "all-in-one" bowl marketing in the chicken sector; "Hot Chihuahua" usage remains steady despite the long absence of its associated marketing mascot.
-"Let's go eat something."
-"I don't know, man, I'm low on cash."
-"Well, then let's just go get a hot Ronald..."
by Lester Feinberger October 20, 2007
The act of farting on someone
Hey guys i just hot ronalded Treno's leg
by piratelukas January 01, 2010
When an individual performs fellatio on a female on her period and it results in a red ring around their mouth.
Yo esla you need a tissue to wipe off that Hot Ronald?

esla: No I'm keepin' it!

by Tier SCF February 07, 2007
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