to lust after; to want badly; this does not necessarily fade after you've had the person. It normally gets worse. The pants get hotter.
Jessica has hot pants for Jim so bad that she went out and bought new lingerie.
by Tiffany July 14, 2003
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A game that started in the Selly Oak region of Birmingham and is spreading like wild fire across the UK. Basically, a group of revelers strip to their pants and set them on fire. The person who keeps their pants on the longest is declared the winner.
Alright there pal, do you fancy a game of hot pants?
by Zane Hadwen June 30, 2010
A game that is currently taking the UK by storm. Basically, a group of revellers strip to their pants and set them alight. The person who keeps their flaming pants on for the longest is declared the winner.
Alright there pal, do you fancy a game of hot pants?
by Stevie Jacobs July 03, 2010
Hot pants are shorts that could not possibly be shorter -- I've got a pair of them which I keep pulling down because I feel so self-conscious. Understandably, they draw a lot of stares when paired with killer legs.
"They're -- sexy, but a bit too sexy. I don't want anybody trying to touch you, all right?" - My Mom
by Ophi & Sim May 13, 2004
An extraordinarily good looking person.
"Peter Steele is the ultimate hotpants, I want to have his children."
"Did you see Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider? She's such a hotpants!"
by Roxanne July 30, 2003
The act of shiting yourself
David thought he had to fart and he ended up with HOTPANTS
by NTOTH October 12, 2007
very short shorts. potentially worn by workin girls or men who like men.
WHOA!!! that guy has hot pants on. I envy him
by CarlTheShanker November 12, 2003
girl in highschool with the hottest pants,
often referred to as a crazy bitch.
Loves to party, and is good in bed.
"Damn that must be kellie hotpants,
she looks pretty fucked up"
by kellie=] July 24, 2008

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