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A term used to describe an attractive southern British female. Usually applied to females with blonde hair and blue eyes.
You're such a hot lips, Millie.
by Bertwhistle November 01, 2005
Someone you can't resist to kiss, in the heat of the moment, you rush into a lovefest.
girl:"that boy he's such a hot lips"
friend: "Yeah, go mack him"
girl...already there...making out with him.
by rawrlylecrocodile January 01, 2007
1. A complimentary term used to finalise emails or text messages to a loved one.
2. A term used when calling upon a loved one or close friend.
3. A term used when descibing an attractive female friend to ones male freinds.
1. Love you, Hot lips... x x x
2. Hey Hot lips!
3. That Amelia, shes such a hot lips
by JB40k October 31, 2005
When someone cant stop kissing people, or when someone kisses a lot of people.
God that chick so has a case of the hot lips , she was just making out with Jimmy like five min. ago.
by Austin Richelieu February 09, 2009
Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan was a popular character on T.V's M*A*S*H
(Describing Frank and Hotlips in a letter to his wife)
Col. Potter: She's the head nurse. He's the head twerp.
by pickled beast September 03, 2006
Going out with Trapper, loves dogs/wolves, and is a bitch. I dunno why her name is Hotlips.....
Why IS her name HOTLIPS?????/
by KING J(mandude) May 10, 2005
a fine ass male or female that works your lips so much it makes you hot inside.
hotlips worked me last night she made me hot.
by Jaye April 01, 2005