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traditional Chinese belief to be inherent in all things.style, grace,persistence,and power.one that is higher than that of the human body:
1. full of enthusiasm; eagerly intent; ardent
2. inflamed with sexual desire; lustful

3.very controversial
4.skillful and successful

Unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body held to be essential to good health.
i associate myself with "hotchi" individuals
by yo tui July 10, 2009

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drink food hot chocolate party tea
Hot Chi is one of the many famous party drinks, for it's wide market base and uniqueness. A conction of hot chocolate and tea fuses together to create a taste sensation that nay the strongest man could deny.
1) 'Maaaate that's some seriously whack Hot Chi you got going on there'
2) 'How's 'bout you make me some irish Hot Chi?'
by The Man of the Moment June 23, 2009