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1. A very Steamy Dump.
2. See #1
Man, I just ate 10 Whiteys. I have to go drop a Hot Brick.
by TheyCallMyNamesBrian January 05, 2007
Extremely corny person who thinks of themselves as a celebrity. They typically wear extremely inexpensive shoes but drink top shelf alcohol.
Jeez, check out this guy wearing shades and a bluetooth in the club. What a fuckin hot brick.
by Catcher Freeman June 18, 2008
East Moline punk term for new shoes
Awww baby I love your hot bricks
by Billyh January 13, 2008
Film Indusry slang term for a fresh walkie-talkie battery.
We need a hot brick on the set right away!
by joemorf January 19, 2004