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A person who they're goth because they shop at Hot Topic.

Don't get me wrong I shop at Hot Topic.
Elario: Look at me! I'm so goth because I listen to Good Charlotte and shop at Hot Topic!

Me: Right....
by Goddess of Darkness July 16, 2004
Also known as "Hot pockets" by the gothic community who loathe to include said hot pockets but feel they must through some vague desire to progenerate and keep the culture going. Hot Pockets are considered a very sad perversion of a good (or bad, depending on your point of view) thing.
Goth 1: Do we really have to let these hot topic goths into the club? That has GOT to be a fake ID. The kid looks 12.

Goth 2: Yes. We have to pay for the club somehow, and the Hot Pockets have quite a bit of daddy's money to spend.

Goth 1: *le sigh*
by alunalai June 09, 2006
A kid who thinks they are hard, do to the fact they shop at hot topic.
Wow!!! look at that hot topic goth, What a faggot ass mutha fucka!
by Jason And Kim September 11, 2003
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