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a retail store at shopping centers/malls that is known for its notion of being "hip", "individualistic", "radical", or "goth".

However, actual goths most likely do not shop at hot topic, nor does hot topic particularly fit perfectly into the 'goth' fashion. it is more emo in that it employs "obscure" (i use that term verrry lightly) themes in its clothing, such as faux-vintage and faux-indie. for example-- it might have a transformers shirt-- made especially for the movie franchise and soon to be bought by millions of "fans" that've never owned a transformer figure in their childhood.

the majority of patrons of hot topic believe that they are being individuals by buying stuff that are also sold at every other hot topic around the world. many times they will have no interest or before-interest in these things such as invader zim.


1) get an "obscure" or "unique" pop culture symbol

2) add bright colors, random lines, cloud shapes, lightning bolts, etc.

3) price it for $18-$25

4) empower teens into thinking they are making a difference!

it is IMPORTANT to note that 99% of the shirts sold at hot topic are extremely fickle, because hot topic is in fact, one of the most up-to-date stores in the entire industry. for example, as harry potter comes out in theaters, crates and crates of HP merchandise will be sold at hot topic, many of these shirts and clothes poorly and rapidly designed for the hungry eyes of rich suburban teenagers everywhere.

shirts can also contain the extremely timely FRED, charlie the unicorn, little big planet, etc.

=as long as it is popular for at least a week, hot topic will likely have it on a shirt=
kid 1: hey guys check out this kickass FRED hot topic shirt i bought at hot topic!

kid 2:: whoa, sweet dude! but why'd you buy it? you're probably gonna get bored of it in like a month!

kid 1: well, its still cool though for the time being! hehe

kid 1: dude you should go to hot topic, they have the coolest shirts there that have like everything on em!
kid 2:: nah, im ok with what im wearing now!
kid 1: but dont u not wanna support the huge corporations that are ruining america??!! =O
kid 2:: bro....they have hot topics in every mall in america.
by george1142 July 22, 2009
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