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A sexual move invented in 1972 barcelona spain by Jerge' Josperstein...the "Hot Josper" is named after the Spanish Charcoal fired "Josper" oven. The move begins with a man drinking a bottle of metamucil mixed with liquid smoke. When he (or she) begins to feel the urge to have a bowel movement, he pulls out the front elastic band of his partners panties (drawers) and proceeds to drop multiple hot/smokey nuggets into the vaginal region. These "nuggets" are meant to simulate the mesquite charcoal nuggets that are placed in a josper oven drawer. he then procedes to put his penis or "tube steak" into the charcoal fired..."horno de panocha" until satisfied.

* valencia and other regions of spain, the male will also eat quantities of wild tarragon. This tarragon will subtly flavor the ejaculate and create a "bearnaisse" flavor profile for the semen.
He gave his grandmother a hot josper.
by Harvy Felterstein March 03, 2014
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