to punch a chick in the back of the head while fucking her causing her to shit on your dick then you cum mixing it all together to make a hot fudge sundae
i want a nice hot fudge sundae
by Shit Grenade July 27, 2007
Top Definition
After one receives a blumpkin, (getting a blow job while taking a dump) he then proceeds to grab the female by her hair and before flushing, shoves her head into the toilet bowl. Once the female's head is stabilized, he may then flush for added effect, creating a whirlpool and making it more dramatic.
"Yo what did you do last night?"
"Not much just kicked back and watched the Flintstones marathon. But I got bored and gave a girl a hot fudge sundae."
"Nice, that's always a good idea. As long as you made her clean up after herself."
by jaquan123321 September 11, 2012
1 n. a sexual position achieved by spraying whipped cream around an anus that is inflammed and is spewing diarrhea, and proptly inserting the penis and thrusting from the pelvis.

2 n. a sexual position achieved by spraying whipped cream and diarrhea in the mouth, and then putting a cherry on top.
1 girlfriend has the stomach gonna get me a hot fudge sundae tonight.

2 Hey baby, ya thirsty? How 'bout a hot fudge sundae?
by MC Derf July 22, 2006
Blow a huge load in someones mouth(have them keep it there) and then shit in their mouth(better if the shit is runny) once this lovely combination is brewed up in someones mouth procede to fully tounge kiss them and you can both enjoy your hot fudge sundae
yo bitch open your mouth so we can both get some of my home-made hot fudge sundae
by mac 'n cheese March 09, 2011
A child friendly synonym for "having an orgasm"
Adult in basement says "Susan had 13 Hot Fudge Sundaes". Eavesdropping child interjects in conversation and says "She had 13 Hot Fudge Sundaes? Man, she must be a pig !"
by The Pit of Iniquity January 29, 2014
You cum, put it on your balls, take a shit, put it on your balls, and then tea bag your sexual partner.
Dude, I was fucking this girl last night and asked her if she wanted a hot fudge sundae.
by B-rax April 08, 2008
After having sexual intercourse, take a fat dump on the girls chest. Then precede to spludge your jizz on the brown treat. The semen will add a decorative touch to the poo. When you are done plop your nut sack right into the mess and you have a hot fudge sundae. Best results with white girls and diarrhea.
Last night the hooker said she was hungry after we finished fucking, so I gave her a hot fudge sundae.
by poopieweinerhole May 01, 2010
Occurs when you shit on a girl's chest, cum on top of it, and then garnish with a cherry.
Guy 1: "This girl told me she wanted a hot fudge sundae, so I shit on her and then busted my nut on top of it."
Guy 2: "Dude, tell me you stuck a cherry on that shit."
Guy 1: "Dude, you know it."
by McSweetness November 19, 2010
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