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A Hotdog Sandwich is a type of sandwich made primarily of bread and hot dogs. In most cases, 1-2 hot dogs will be sliced length-wise and placed on top of a single slice of bread, on top of which is placed a second slice of bread. Ketchup or other condiments may be added if desired.

This is a great alternative to eating hot dogs on a bun when you only have bread and no buns.
Person 1: "So me and my girlfriend went home last night and made some hotdog sandwiches."
Person 2: "Oh nice dude, hehehe... So you mean..."
Person 1: "I mean we made sandwiches with hotdogs in them! You thought that was some kind of sexual innuendo didn't you. You spend WAY too much time on Urban Dictionary..."
by comment_spock May 25, 2015
When the penis is placed between the breasts and instead of the woman clenching the breasts together, she creates a wormhole tunnel with her hand for the penis creating a sandwich between chest and hand to navigate through back an forth.
"Can I get a hot dog sandwich, heavy on the mayonnaise please?"
by Ryra March 08, 2014
2 hot dogs cooked in the microwave for 1 minute. put hot dogs on tortilla wrap with ketchup, shredded cheese and chopped onions. fold wrap and enjoy :]
So am I! Maybe that guy over there is selling them so we can get a Hot Dog Sandwich
by 3546746513547351684615 January 28, 2011
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