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1. A condition that occurs when one's pants or underwear sticks to their butt cheeks.

2. A spot where the clothing is stuck or "anchored" to your butt.

Note: Hot anchors usually happen in hot, humid climates and frequently occur when one sits on leather of vinyl furniture for a long time.

The cure for a hot anchor is called the pick and flap maneuver. To execute the pick and flap maneuver, grasp your pants and underwear between your thiumb and forefinger near the hot anchor, pick (pull) the garments away from your butt cheek and gently flap the material so that it doesn't re-attach itself.
Man, we were sitting in the restaurant booth for so long, when I got up I had a serious hot anchor.
by Jim R. April 27, 2005
An incredibly attractive, sexy, muscled, slurpable news personality hosting a news program.
Hot Anchor: Mike Woods at Fox NYC, nuff said
by bfan May 04, 2008
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