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Horripilatious pronounced (whore-a-pill-a(as in hay)-she-ous)
A word that can go in the place of ANY adjective. Use "horripilatious" to tell your enemies

how much you hate them. Or to tell your mom how stupid she is when it comes to computers.

Or just to confuse the crap out of your friends.
You: Hello Brianna. You know... You are by far the most horripilatious (evil) person I have ever met!
Brianna: Thanks!!

You: Mom... you are absolutely horripilatious with computers! ;)
Mom: Awww Honey!!! Thank you!!

You: Sammy!!! Lookin' horripilatious today my man!!!
Sammy: What???
by Madam_Larken June 30, 2013
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