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(Horn Scrape -* err) - /n - A person completely willing to do any demeaning and completely non-dignifying act on themselves in the eyes of their peers, so as to be slightly noticed by a superior, in hopes of advancement.

Acts include such things as fellatio, turd sniffing, boot licking, doing laundry (including pickup), telling superiors they play a fatherly figure in life when in fact they are only years apart.
Private: Man do you see how much time he has been spending around the Master Sergeant lately?
Specialist: Yea he is trying to get promoted!
Private: What a fuckin' Horn Scraper!!!
#cocksucker #brown noser #kiss ass #suck up #fag
by WeenSauce March 17, 2009
An unattractive woman.
"I was kinda disappointed with the turn-out at that party. All I saw were horn-scrapers."
#boogawolf #swamp donkey #hornscraper #horn scraper #dog
by Kevin Thomas R. September 11, 2006
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