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The condition that results when a female who desperately needs to be on mood-stabilizing medication gets pregnant before being able to do so.
Her hormonal state was far past that of pms and she knew she needed head-meds. Before she could go on the head-meds she got knocked up, turning everything she came in contact with into a Hormonal Chernobyl for the next nine long months.
by LolaLaLola June 05, 2011

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When PMS reaches a critical fission point resulting in a total emotional meltdown of the PMSer and a poisoning of their surroundings so bad that any cohabitators must immediately flee the scene.
Chris: Hey Tom, could you let me in to the office? I left my keycard home.
Tom: That's not like you. What happened?
Chris: Oh the wife went hormonal chernobyl this morning and I skedaddled without cellphone, card, and lunch.
Tom: That's tough man. Spot you for lunch?
Chris: Dude, much appreciated.
Tom: Bros before hos man.
by Lex Sleuthor December 06, 2009