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According to the Quileyette Indians (a tribe in LaPush Washington), a hoquat is a white man.
Hey Mupper, after we drink this 1/2 gallon of Whiskey, and get our timber rights check. Lets run into town, and talk to the hoquats.

No Bam Bam, the hoquats aren't the real americans we are, lets stay here and net some more fish,

mupper why are we talking about work, lets just drink this bottle.

ok bam bam, lets get whiskey drunk
by HOQUAT February 28, 2010
As Hoquat said, it's mean White Man. Translated from the Quileyette, it literally means "Strange thing that was washed up on the beach."
Did you see that hoquat family driving around yesterday? I think they were really lost.
by Gruntle July 20, 2015

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