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1) Similar in a way to a wing man, the hook man invites random attractive females to a pre-planned party.

2) A scary story you might tell a person's butt hole. Every version of this story is a little different but the ending is always the same. "...and they say the hook man still lives today!" At this time one should curl a finger into the shape of a hook, I prefer the pinky, and wet it by popping your cheek. Then you put that finger in their beautiful beautiful butt hole.
PERSON1: Is Dave running hook man tonight?
PERSON2: Yeah!
PERSON1: This parties gonna be off the hook!

PERSON1: You said you gave her the hook man story last night?
PERSON2: Yeah! Got a butt hole-in-one!
PERSON1: Nice!
by Super__Villain February 12, 2010
Kick ass rock band from STL
Hookman kicks ass
by The Hookman January 12, 2012

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