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Hook Master = Master of "Hook Wrestling" (or Hook Fighting) aka "Catch Wrestling", usually known today as "Submission Wrestling". In its purest form, Submission Wrestling has NO points, NO rounds and NO time limits. Two grapplers wrestle until one "gives up" or "submits", either voluntarily, or by knock out (eg, passing out from a choke hold).

Hook/Catch/Submission WRESTLING or GRAPPLING uses NO strikes whatsoever, but Hook/Catch/Submission FIGHTING does (puncing, kicking, knees, elbows, headbutts).

Replaces outdated "hooker", which, since the civil war came to mean "prostitute". See HOOKER.
Mr. Goven is a Hook Master. Start a fight with him and you will likely end up unconscious!
by The Grapplin' Chaplain August 10, 2006

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