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The act of committing oneself to attend an event and then not showing up without notifying any of one's friends.

Originating in sporting circles, it is believed the tale of the unknown 'Hoogenbosch' is a fable designed to mock a wom or other ill thought of member of the social group.
Dave: "Hey Arj, are Jarrod and Andrew coming tonight?"
Arj: "Nah, they're pulling a Hoogenbosch."
by Dangers91 August 13, 2011

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The act of aggressively choking a female during intercourse.

Usually performed using ones hand, however the word has spread to include belts, ties and other objects.
Dave: "Hey Jarrod, did you end up pulling that girl last night?"

Jarrod: "Yeah and I Hoogenbosch'ed her so hard she almost passed out. She loved it. "
by dangers93 May 01, 2014