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Getting jerked off by a sheep. It can also refer to the act of being jerked off by a club-handed woman
Danno loves to love sheep and dreams of receiving a hoof job one day
by robjohn105 February 18, 2008
1. use of a very dexterous foot to masturbate a penis or large clitoris
Redneck: My sis' gives good hoofjobs.

Urbanite: You let your sister jerk you off, with her hands?!

Redneck: No, a hoofjob. None of the females in my lineage have arms. But they do have monkey like feet.

Urbanite: Is she the same bitch you told me you swordfought, last night.

Redneck: I reckon you be right, she has a large bitchcock.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010