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A series of comics which turns the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into humans, but also uses them into graphic pornographic scenes.
Kobe was beating it to a hoof beat.
by Broswaggins May 15, 2013
A term that encompasses all possible vocabulary, and whos definition is varying, instead, whos meaning varies based on the context it is used it, and also the users tone.
Evan: Last night I jerked off so hard i tore a layer of skin off my twanger.

Devin: HOOFBEATS! (High pitched, in this form, meaning Ouch)

Original context: Joe Dirt "You want me to put my head to the ground and listen for HOOfbeats?"

Similar to the Southpark episode in which the alien races' language was composed of only one word "Marklar" and whos meaning was determined based on context.
by Flaypin daypoo September 10, 2007
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