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when your so busy repping the block and/or on repping duty you wont sleep or eat. The hood way or the highway!
yo what you repping.. hoodism?

tightism?, no hoodism
by repism June 03, 2009

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Hoodism, a religion simalar to buddhism, based on the ancient teachings of Hooda, is the path to attain god-like gangster powers and enlightment. Requires seclusion from the civilized world and a life devoted to gangbanging, smoking crack, spray painting, and pimpin hoes.
Freddy Smith converted to hoodism after he dropped out of school, left his home and fucked his best friends mom after gangbanging his father with other followers of hoodism.
by tDs-diN, TINGBOE > j00 December 06, 2004
a free-thinker who follows the dictations of Maritn Luther King, Jr. and looks to the Hood to show the way
#1 Salesman in the world! Hoodism! is coming to town.
by Thood October 31, 2007