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The act of shaking one's penis back and forth between the breasts of a woman during sex. Similar to a motorboat.
Dude, so i hoochie koochied her so hard(pun intended) that it left bruises!!
by Garfunklykid April 26, 2008
(verb) 01. Another term for a whore that gives up her Koochie. 02. Koochie another term for a women's cunt 03. Ask a white person to say Hoochie Koochie. They can't pronounce the Koochie. see yo momma
Tyrone : Dude this whore gave up her hoochie koochie at the bar last night.
Percy Miller: Dude that whore was all hoochie koochie with me last night too.
Tyrone: Wha bro?!
Percy Miller: Yeap. oh snap! that was yo mama! giving me the hoochie koochie.
by Brennie January 14, 2006
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