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1. slutty women who can never seem to find their own man to fuck

2. A shameless hussy who always pushes up on a guy, even though he has a girlfriend
Damn man, it seems that everytime i find a man, some hoochie coochie always tries to fuck with him.
by Betty Bee October 18, 2006
Term used in the song "Chattahoochee" by Alan Jackson. Although most assume it is a made up phrase to rhyme with Chattahoochee, it is actually a term originally used to describe a sexually provocative belly dance performed by gypsies.
♫ Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie... ♫
by SleepFaster January 06, 2012
The genitals of a drunken woman. Derived from the term "hooch", a slang word for alcohol and "coochie", a slang word for a woman's genitals. The meaning becomes clear when you know the root-words involved.
Frank: "Where's Dave? I thought he was partying with us tonight!"

Jim: "He'll be back in a minute, he's doing the hoochie-coochie."

Frank: "Dave's girlfriend is such a lush."
by Demonsblooddragonfire April 12, 2011
A game for two (or more) people in which one person reveals his or her erotic wishes, and the other person fulfils them. Next time round the roles are reversed.
Fancy coming back to my place to play hoochie-coochie?
by Jack Martin Leith March 26, 2007
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