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Term coined by singer-songwriter David Homyk on April 24th, 2009 on the Tyra Banks show, meaning to dress in such a way as to expose and flatter the sexual areas of the body.
From April 24th, 2009 episode of the Tyra Banks show:

Studio Audience Member: What are we supposed to wear on the first date? Are we supposed to show off our style, be classy, show skin?
David Homyk: I think a girl should hooch-out just a little bit but keep it classy.
Tyra Banks: "Hooch-out!?"
Studio Audience Member: Like leave a little bit to the imagination and show a little also?
David Homyk: Well the basic rule is to show little up top and nothing down below or a little below and nothing up top, you don't want to show both.
Tyra Banks: Oh, you know that!
by Celebwords July 04, 2009
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