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Honor Society is a new way of music. It is Justin Timberlake meets Maroon Five meets Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen, and last but not least, Alexander Noyes. Honor Society doesn't play shows..they throw parties.
Brittany:"Wow, YOU know how to do the HONOR ROLL?!"
Barbara:"I sure do, it's a good thing HONOR SOCIETY taught me how to do it!"
Danielle:"That is soo cool, what is the name of the song you dance to the HONOR ROLL TO?"
Barbara:"See U In The Dark by HONOR SOCIETY.... DUH!"
Brittany:"Their manager NED is a cutie patootie!"
by DanSiego June 28, 2009
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Amazing pop/rock band. Imagine if Justin Timberlake had a rock band. That's Honor Society.
"Hey I just saw Honor Society at the Jonas Brothers concert last week."
"How were they?"
"AMAZING. See U In The Dark and Why Didn't I are like my new favorite songs."
by nomorehidingwhoiwannabe_15 September 29, 2009
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