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Smart kid's that smoke weed. To be a member of the Honor Roll you must maintain a 3.0 or better GPA.
Nick: Josh is our valedictorian and he smokes weed.
Dalton: He's part of that Honor Roll.
by RollModel January 20, 2011
A school's soceity of nerds with the occasional geek. It is easy to separate the two by their consistency in their marks. Geeks in the honor roll do not consistently generate the minimum mark required to hold membership, while nerds will always make and often go above the minimum mark, often going to the award ceremonies with high honors.

Nerd: So?
Nerd: Cool! How long have you held membership?
Nerd: I made it 20 times .
by Tungstone August 25, 2009
A dance made up by the band Honor Society that goes to their song See U in the Dark
Girl 1: Wow the Honor Society concert last night was amazing!

Girl 2: Did they play See U in the Dark?

Girl: Yup, everyone in the crowd was doing the Honor Roll!
by HSfan_duh343 November 12, 2011
Smart people, normally first in their classes or high in society, that you would never expect to do something wrong, who smoke marijuana.
Me: Yo did you know our valedictorian rolls up on weekends and gets faded?

You: Oh word? Dang that dude's on the honor roll.
by natedawg247 January 20, 2011
Like Walk of Shame, except for Guys.
After going out and partying all night, John took his honor roll out of his girlfriends dorm building.
by Hexachordial November 07, 2011
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