If you love vegemite and you love honey then you will sure as hell like honeymite on toast.

Even if you only like vegemite or honey just a little bit, the combination of the two together will tantalise your taste buds and you will never look back.

1. First toast a slice of bread
2. Next smear a thin layer of butter on your toast
3. Next smear a thin layer of vegemite on top of the butter layer
4. Then smear a thin layer of honey on top of the vegemite layer
5. Eat and enjoy!
Mum: Do you want vegemite or honey on your toast?

Kid: Both. Make it a honeymite.
by EarthJewel July 30, 2012
Top Definition
Making a sandwitch with honey on one side and vegemite on the other hence; Honeymite.

Warning: Honeymite is an acquired taste...most people think its disgusting
Normal: Why do you have honey on one piece of bread and vegemite on the other...

Honeymiter: Weeeeell im making honeymite.

Normal: Oh right well that makes sence I guess *AWKWARD SILENCE*
by BlueBagel January 08, 2010
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