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A play on the name Condaleeza Rice. A word usually reserved for a Honda vehicle that is extremely "riced" out. Components associated with the vehicle include but are not limited to: euro lights, spoilers, excessive decals, loud sound systems, racing rims, window tinting, emblem switching (i.e Acura logo on a Honda), aftermarket tachometers, loud exhausts, intakes, body kits, and lambo doors. The owner of the vehicle will sometimes, but not always ,believe his 4-cylinder Honda vehicle is capable of beating any other car on the streets. Coined by remerone in 2009.
Guy1: Yo check out honda-leeza rice!
Guy2: Yeah. You'll think he'll beat you with his V-tec
Guy1: I didn't think that model came with V-tec
Guys2: It has to because he has a V-tec decal on his windshield.
by remrock September 10, 2010
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