Honda = Engineering Company
Highest resale value of any modern car in production...

Highest efficany of any car any car in production...

First company to sell a highbred engine...

Most reliable engines around...

And yes something young idiots try to prove their penile size with.
by schimschone March 17, 2005
Helping other nations destroy America.
Hey those poeple are part of Honda, get 'em
Fuck Nintendo Wii its part of Honda!
by Argo Gulski November 30, 2006
Car most likely to have an owner who touts how much horsepower their car has (for a low to moderately priced vehicle)while ignoring the importance of torque as a contributing factor of overall speed. Must be revved above 5,000 RPM to experience anything called "Power".
Hey, My VR6 GTI is experiencing maximum torque at under 2000 RPM's. Wow that HONDA looks small in my rearview mirror.
by Eric October 08, 2003
A crappy, slow piece of shit. Driven by assholes who cruise McDonald's parking lots for pussy.
Ricer: Hey, you see that hot chick over there?

Ricer friend: Yeah. She'll love my Honda Civic, the stickers alone add a million horsepower. Enough to overcome its torque deficit.

Ricer: What torque deficit?

Ricer friend: Well the only torque it makes is from the weight of the flywheel... 20Nm.

Ricer: Oh great that guy in the HG Monaro 350 just took her!
by ricehater November 30, 2007
H.- Hop
O.- On
N.- Nothing
D.- Dumb
A.- Ass
if you hopped onto a Honda you would be considered a dumb ass because Hondas are nothing
by hondasaregayyyyyyy February 15, 2009
Another name for the popular party drug ecstasy.
"Hey bro, you getting on the hondaz tonight?"
by chuur November 25, 2008
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