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From homosexual and panic.

An accusation that a person made a certain decision because they were suffering from an irrational fear that they are homosexual.
Can be used to trap a person within their own circle of fear, as an insult based on the subject's own latent Homophobia, either seriously or in a jocular fashion.
Can be countered by not being a parochial idiot.
1)Dan:Why did I nail that skank? I am now regretting that decision.

Joe:Hompan, my friend. You overcompensate, feeling the need to entertain chicks to prove to everyone including yourself that you're not Hom.

2)Dan:Why didn't I go nail that skank? I immediately regret that decision.

Joe:Hompan! You realised you were a Hom and couldn't go through with it.

3)Dan:Are you gay?

Joe:No even though I've never had a girlfriend in my life.

Dan:Sounds like you have Hompan buddy.

4)Dan:Are you really a gay person?

Joe:No, I have sired a child and been living happily in a monogamous relationship with a woman for some time.

Dan:Hmmm.....sounds like Hompan to me.


Joe:You have a bad case of Hompan, old bean.

Dan:You're an idiot.

by Funktownmassacre January 20, 2009
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