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A disorder in which an overly campy person, typically a male homosexual, is found to be hot on the "outside" and extremely cold on the "inside". This is due to an overly quaffed and groomed physique and apperance. While at the same time having a complete lack in character, personality, tact, class, intellect, self control, and/or candor.

Sufferers of Homothermia are typically found to be guilty of acts of "Faggotry" and/or "Douchebaggery" as well.
Sufferers of Homothermia:
Sociopathic fitness models.
Male models.
Hair dressers.
Bartenders at the Abbey.
Gogo Dancers.
Event coordinators/ Party Planners.
Anyone whom works at Neiman Marcus.
Christian Bale.
by TonyLeTigre November 03, 2010