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1. Homo thuggin is when a man sticks his penis in another mans ass, not for enjoyment, but as a way of life. 2. Homo Thuggin' is not being GAY. Gay men kiss other gay men. Homo Thugs just fuck other men...anally. 3. When homo thugs feel like being charitable, we use lube. Sometimes homo thugs spit on their cocks. But if you cross them, you better hope you bleed. 4. Don't forget to bring that baby oil. Homo Thugs like to see your body glisten when they're making you feel like you're taking a shit backwards.
"Ayo you homo thuggin?"
"Excuse me, that is not proper homo thuggin attire."
"When you a homo thug thats homo thuggin, your asshole gapes for a week."
"Ayo heavy homo thuggin, will result in paralyzation from the neck down...yes the NECK down."
by Baby Oil B. Hom October 17, 2006
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