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Single or multiple obnoxious, future-dropout individuals who show up at a college/university library, for hours at a time, without doing anything productive, and distract all others around them by chatting it up on Skype, listening to deafeningly loud music, fighting with their significant other(s) over the phone, disturbing the peace, etc...
Dave: Yo check that guy out over there.
Tim: Oh geeze, Homeworka Flocka's here.. wanna move to the 5th floor so we can study.
Dave: Let's get a study room, isn't that why they made them?
Tim: To get away from the Homeworka Flockas?
Dave: Yeah
Tim: Let's do it.

Me: I can't study. All these goons are makin such a ruckus.
Jarvis: Yeah, looks like the whole Homeworka Flocka showed up tonight.
by Florida State Student February 27, 2011
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