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Homework is the stuff teachers shit out in your face everyday after class to make your life more miserable. Homework can be flashcards and studying to a 3000 word essay or book report. People might stay up all night to finish this just to turn it in and realize that they fucked up the whole thing and got a motherfucking F because they have stupid ass teachers that dont know what the fuck they are doing and too busy sucking eachothers dick. Homework is often referred to as stupid shit, and just made to lower your gpa so all the asians will go to college while your still highschool sucking the teachers dick just to get a D
Hey did you do your homework?


asian: that homework was easy didnt you think?
white kid: i dont fucking know cus i didnt do that shitty 5 page essay for the book i didnt fucking read and used every page in it to wipe my ass because thats thats what i think of shitty school and shitty teachers.
asian: 0.0 ok...
by semen in my butt May 01, 2012
4 2
Something teachers give you which you will not do until five minutes before it's due if you did not do it during lunch or spent the night before halfassing it because instead of doing it you came here and typed down definitions.
I've got AP English homework that was due today, but since I went to the zoo instead of going to school, I decided not to do it when it was assigned, a week ago. Now, it's 1:11am and I am not even halfway done.
by arghomg September 17, 2008
45 2
A form of cruel and unusual punishment created by teachers to keep us away from watching good quality TV shows like Spongebob Squarepants and playing our awsome gameing systems
Did you do your homework children?
by Spongebob January 16, 2003
63 21
A method of torture that originated in the Middle Ages given to kids, teenagers, and college students to prevent them from having fun.
"My stupid, asshole teacher gave me a shitload of homework."
by Muhhrtallicaz December 09, 2007
45 5
A piece of work, given by school so as to be done after school. Usually collected for credit, and has a due date. Sometimes can be done online. It has no plural.
Teacher: Questions from 1 to 105 in the MATHEMATICS book is for homework. Its is due tomorrow.

Student: Odd or Even numbers.

Teacher: All, and will be collected tomorrow before the quiz.
68 28
the stuff teachers give kids to torture them and take away from important after school things like sports, sleeping, TV, and friends
Jack: Dude, you look totally wiped out. Where were you yesterday?
Alex: Mr. O gave out a 10 page history paper for homework, so I couldn't go to the movies
Jack: Why would he do that?
Alex: Teachers have no soul
by password January 21, 2008
43 5
The product of a teacher's belief that what you do for them is all that matters.
Do your homework before you watch TV.
by Gryff March 08, 2004
52 16
What I'm supposed to be doing right now.
Biology Homework Citations
by freakfrog14 September 29, 2008
40 6