A Female/Male Who purposely enters a relationship knowing their Boy\Girlfriend is in a previous relationship.
Stacy :" Hey Sexy Daddy, I know you wit Kim but I was wondering about "us" getting into a little somethn somethn. "
Kim: " I know you not on the phone wit my man, you da home recker he been creep'n wit. Are you gona pay for this baby's needs?? I didn't think so.. Step off."
by Tree_Niece October 25, 2006
Top Definition
Girl or Guy who likes to break couples up,like a girl/guy see's this guy/girl that she likes knowing that he's dating some one, she/he breaks them up and dates the guy/girl.
Crystal: Josh can we talk?
Josh: About?
Crystal: Well I like you, and I know you like me, so what about us? I want to be your gf.

Ashley(answers josh's old cell): Hello? Who is this?
Ashley: Who is this? NO josh isnt here.We broke up.
Crystal: Awesome. Now i can date him. I knew it would work.
by xx666xx May 20, 2008
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