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The superior level of comfort, pleasure, and relaxation one feels when making a bowel movement in the privacy of one's own bathroom as opposed to a public restroom or bathroom at another person's house.
"Dude, that restaurant serves a mean breakfast burrito, but it goes right through you. I had to poo so bad I almost lost it in my pants. The bathroom there was totally nasty so I held out for home court advantage. The drive home sucked, but it was definitely worth it."

by Dizzy Bizz June 24, 2007
When having a party and inviting your girl over to score, you have an advantage of taking her to your room during and after the party.
Yo it will be real easy to hook up with crusty Sandy, I have home court advantage.
by fishing4bass18 January 10, 2010
When you wake up "the morning after", having hooked up at your own place, and THEY get to do the walk of shame. Not you.
Man, I'm glad I had home court advantage this morning, I would not have wanted to walk of shame home in the rain!
by Recess February 06, 2011
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