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Jim Carrey's exclamation of surprise and shock at the acquisition of new evidence, as seen in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". Can also denote happiness, digust, etc.
"Lois Einhorn? Missing hiker? Holy SHITBALLS!"
#shitfire #oh my god #holy night #jesus h christ #christ on a crutch
by Lolita & Herb March 16, 2007
a young christian girl whos short. and well obviously has a face shaped like a ball. and enjoys customising shit and takeing rough concrete shits all over the placy
i clicked on a holy shitballs 's picture and then i clicked on another one. they were customized. the 2nd one had shit on her face
#shit #ball #lazy #beeftown #fearfactory #nigga
by truth of truths May 24, 2009
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