Its a band straight outta SOCAl, who rep the streets of LA, and prove that LA is not all glamor, they show the crazy side of living in a huge city.
"All these groups live together as one"
There are 6 members of the band Johnny 3tears, J-dog Funny man, Charlie Scene, Da Kurlz, Tha Producer. They really keep in touch with there fans. They feel they would be nothing without them.
They are awesome, and I can't wait till another album
Take my hand lets go,
Somewhere we can rest our souls.
We'll sit where it's warm,
You say look we're here alone.
~Hollywood undead
by Jdoyle007 May 01, 2009
For those mother fucking ass hoe, hollywood undead is an awsome band. if you only heard songs like "everywhere I Go" there are Different songs like "paradise Lost". IF you think theyre horrible, fuck off and get a life. They will make more loved songs then you fucking dumbass haters. Try something else than criticizing amazing bands. the fans know good music onlike you all.
Guy 1: man hollywood Undead Sucks

Guy 2: Hey in one song he told you "you need to slit your wrist,get pissed and go jump off a bridge", so fuck off and go get a life instead of talking shit.

*Guy 2 punches the faggot and says "HU For Life Bitch!"
by AwsomeByMe April 21, 2010
A band who sings about drugs, sex, death, pills, suicide, and alcohol.
Guy 1: Have you heard Hollywood Undeads' new album, all it is about sex and drugs.

Guy 2: Yeah, I love that album.
by jdog71897 June 21, 2011
An amazing Rapcore band. For all of you retards out there the real members are
Johnny Three Tears (Tha Producer)
Charlie Scene
Funny Man
J dog

Shady jeff was kicked out of the band
Hollywood undead is sucha kickass band I love them so much.
by WOOOHOOOOO November 22, 2010
Another Whining Boy Band with questionable "street cred" - Mostly commonly referred to as a "hardcore metal hip hop band" yet none of their videos shows any members playing instruments, a staple in metal music; while the base instrumets they DO use are the essentials in hip hop. They emphasize many things that have come to pass on all things CLUB GANGSTA, from the early 2000's, with an MySpace addition to the lyrical content. They perpetuate the ridiculousness of "sound board music" with vocal content and stylings of Angry Mid to Lower Class White Males. For the most part, the coming of this band is a direct reflection on the acceptance of White Hip Hop in mass media and how "serious" this style "is". The members exhibit a KISS/Slipknot appeal in that they wear masks that appears to be made from dirty laundry or from a hobby store. A young group they may be, it will soon be revealed that the deliverable sincerity is all, in fact, ICP 2.0
In the matter of the "Hollywood Undead" It is warned that the average ,unsuspecting music listener to reserve a small amount of judgement towards the style of groups like this only so that it is easier to fully scoff at the hilarity of the fanbase; of which vehemently guards the supposed sanctity OF the group to levels that truly reveal the maturity of the defender. The rest of your judgement can be dispensed gratuitiously.
by LifeB4rap July 30, 2009
A "band" of six skinny white males attempting to rap. Their raps consist of shouting the word "forties" and "Bitchez" and are, according to most of the deluded and socially butt raped contributors to this definition, one of the best bands ever. What a load of fucking drivel. And what's up with the masks? Are they wannabe Slipknot now, aswell as wannabe D12 and Insane Clown Posse?
So what happened to Hollywood Undead, anyways?
by pseudice August 28, 2010
Probably the worst band ever formed. For people who don't know them, thank god for you, it's pretty much cliche rap mixed with some type of metalcore. When I say cliche rap, I mean most of TODAYS rap, meaning that all I hear in the lyrics is "haters", "bitches", "faggots", killing those said people, sex, and drugs. That one song about whoevers "weenie" is so annoying as shit. If I was religious, I would pray for them and their retarded, brainless "fans", but sadly for them, I am not.
Person 1: let's listen to some Hollywood Undead!
Person 2: how about we listen to some real music, like Megadeth, or Between The Buried And Me?
Person 1: who?
Person 2: *punches person 1 in face* I'm sorry for you.
by 12083127 February 07, 2010
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